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Stand-up and moveable racks


Design Minna Salokannel

Youthful and slender vertical coat rack

A youthful and slender standing coat rack

Pukki is a solidly but at the same time a light and airy coat rack with hooks and hangers. Coat stand is named after its oblique vertical tubes which make it a sturdy X shape. With its simple and elegant shapes, the coat stand can fit comfortably in all public and home interior. It has 3 hooks and can also be used with coat hangers. The coat rack is manufactured in Finland.

It is available in two sizes: smaller Pikkupukki and the regular Pukki.


Hangeri -hangers, 3 pcs

Painted steel

Delivery time 1-2 weeks, lowest price
Stock paints: dark aluminum grey, white and black

Delivery time 3-4 weeks
Standard paints: light aluminum grey, green, red, yellow or orange

Delivery time 5+ weeks
Special paints


Width: 600 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Height: 1680 mm

6 hooks

Width: 350 mm
Depth: 300 mm
Height: 1680 mm

3 hooks

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