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Rack systems


Modifiable coat rack for a variety of needs

Extend offers a huge amount of hanging space. Simplicity and the large range of dimensions available make it a basic coat rack suitable for any location. The coat rack is sturdy and professionally designed – just like all our coat rack models. The all coat racks are manufactured in Finland.

End frames: painted steel 
Shelfs: painted steel
Hooks: fiberglass reinforced plastic
Feet: adjustable, possibility of attaching to the floor

Delivery time 1-2 weeks, lowest price
Stock paints (end frames and shelfs): dark aluminum grey

Delivery time 3-4 weeks
Standard paints (end frames and shelfs): light aluminum grey, black, white, green, red, yellow and orange

Delivery time 5+ weeks 
Special paints and chrome


Lengths on the basic sections: 900 mm and 1200 mm
Lengths on the additional sections: 870 mm and 1170 mm
Depths: 400 mm or 550 mm
Height: 1900 mm

400 depth
lengths (mm)             capacity / hooks (pcs)
900 (870)                   22 / 11
1200 (1170)              28 / 14

550 depth
lengths (mm)             capacity / hooks (pcs)
900 (870)                   40 / 20
1200 (1170)              48 / 24

Width – Accessories:
900 (870) – 3 boxes, 6 hangers
1200 (1170) – 4 boxes, 9 hangers

Loota-storage box, big and Hangeri-hanger

See standard length combinations and capacity from rack system dimension table. You can find the comparison table between models here.

Dimensions table

The information is for one product. 

See the Packaging Details table for details.

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