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School and kindergarten racks
Wall racks


Design Jukka Setälä

Basic wall rack that you can get in many various lengths. 
Clip 2
Clip 4
Clip 6
Clip 8
Clip 10

Clip is classic and timeless wall rack, that comes in many various lengths. Clip is beautiful as such and goes well with Lobby- series racks. The coat and shoe racks are manufactured in Finland.

We charge a small shipping fee for individual delivery.

Painted steel

Delivery time 1-2 weeks, lowest price
Stock paints: dark grey effect, light grey effect, white and black

Delivery time 3-4 weeks
Standard paints: dark aluminum grey, light aluminum grey, green, red, yellow and orange

Delivery time 5+ weeks
Special paints 



Widths: 85mm, 215mm, 345mm, 475mm, 600mm
Depth: 50 mm
Height: 120mm

Clip 2 – 4 hooks
Clip 4 – 8 hooks
Clip 6 – 12 hooks
Clip 8 – 16 hooks
Clip 10 – 20 hooks

Dimensions table

The information is for one product. 

See the Packaging Details table for details.

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